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Sushi-Ninja-11 Pc. Sushi Kit

Sushi-Ninja-11 Pc. Sushi Kit

Sushi-Ninja-11 Pc. Sushi Kit

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Master the sushi making art

Sushi-Ninja is the ultimate kit for preparing sushi in a professional way! Without any skill you too can start making sushi like an absolute pro and satisfy everyone’s tastes for the dish!

The various tools allow for quick and easy rolling, cutting and serving sushi in style and taste rivaling every restaurant you’ve been to! And don’t worry, cleanup is a simple afterthought.

Surprise your guests with an eastern cuisine made from a real sushi master! When you feel ready, try out intricate designs, Sushi-Ninja makes the work of the chef totally obsolete!

Why Sushi-Ninja is for you

The way of the master- Learn just how easy, rolling, cutting and serving sushi actually is.  You’ll Master the art and the hearts of your guests!

Upgrade your arsenal- Sushi-Ninja holds all the tools you need to turn pro overnight! Now it’s easy to make fine food from home!

The taste of the mainland- Surprise your senses with sushi made in a professional way better than ones you’ve tried in restaurants!

Sushi-Ninja is the ultimate choice- Our culinary kit is all you need to turn rice and fish into professionally rolled sushi!

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