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Showstream-Multicolored Shower Head

Showstream-Multicolored Shower Head

Showstream-Multicolored Shower Head

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Take a shower under the rainbow

Showering can feel like a chore sometimes but not when doing it under a light show! Replace your old showerhead with Showstream and make every minute under the shower an enjoyable one!

As the water changes temperature you’ll be treated to a disco-like setting. Showering under the wide head you’ll be fully covered by the high-pressure stream for maximum enjoyment!

Showstream installs without any hassle so you can easily create a new mood into your old bathroom. Experience the fun of bathing under the colorful waterfall

Why Showstream is for you

Bathe in the disco- Turn the monotonous chore of showering into a colorful disco to enjoy yourself every time you take a shower! 

Like under a waterfall- Find relaxation under the wide massaging stream to fully immerse yourself in the shooting experience!

Seamless installation- Easily replace your old showerhead with Showstream in just a few minutes without a tool needed!

Showstream is the ultimate choice- Enjoy each moment of your showing experience to leave the bathroom refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

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