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The bag every traveler wants

Need a reliable bag for your trips? Jimgo is the perfect choice for travelers who wish to move comfortably and keep their belongings protected and secure at all times!

You can travel safely in the rain as Jimgo is completely waterproof. You can fill it up as much as you can, it’s sturdy enough to carry any weight you manage to fit inside!

When you don’t need it just fold it into a little square you can easily fit anywhere. No matter the purpose or weather Jimgo is the perfect choice for all your traveling adventures!

Why Jimgo is for you

Travel without worry- Tired of unreliable bags, fill Jimgo to the brim with everything you need without ever worrying about compromises!

Safe from the weather- Traveling through the rain again, keep all your belongings fresh and dry inside Jimgo’s waterproof seal!

Fits in the palm- Bags shouldn't take space when they are empty, that’s why Jimgo can fold into a little neat square you can easily carry!

Jimgo is the ultimate choice- Start traveling with more comfort and less worrying, find room for all your belongings and keep them safe from the unpredictable weather

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